Di Mauro Concierge provide Concierge services to affluent Naples, Florida residents, vacationers and part time visitors. With round the clock issue solving and time saving life management services we make the impossible possible. If we cant solve the issue ourselves our vast network of local resources will make it happen.

We’ll take care of your to-do list or any errands or prevent you from wasting time waiting for deliveries or local trades people. Allow us to organize your home, research and plan special events. No need to schedule reservations and appointments, let us take care of the details so you can enjoy what matters most.

concierge services in naples florida
Peace of mind is knowing that your home or estate is being maintained and taken care of when you cannot be there yourself.
Your day to day activities or event planning will receive the hands on assistance needed to make sure everything goes flawlessly.
Connecting you, and managing your want or to-do list with our extensive network of trusted vendors and services.

We Won't Let You Down!

Our team of highly skilled concierges add value to our clients lives by ensuring the essential operations of their day to day are handled smoothly, freeing up time and creating memorable events.


Your home or estate is the heart of your life and requires a deft hand at making sure it is well maintained and looked after.


Your downtime is important as well as sharing time with friends and family. It’s truly what matters the most.


You deserve to get to where you need to be in style and never need to worry about making time consuming arrangements.

Naples Florida...


Di Mauro Concierge is a leading lifestyle and concierge services provider in Naples. Catering to high net worth clients, our concierge services are the best in the industry and we pride ourselves on being the go-to brand for those looking for a taste of luxury & comfort in the beautiful city of Naples.

Whether you are staying over at Naples for business or pleasure, we have got you covered. From offering corporate event planning services, restaurant reservations concierge services, to 360-degree household concierge services in Naples, we will ensure your stay here is as comfortable as possible. We’ll connect you to premier vendors and will serve as a liaison so you don’t have to worry about making reservations, your household’s to-do list, or booking special events.

When you choose our on-demand concierge services, you don’t have to stress about planning entertainment activities for your guests, running errands, accepting home deliveries, scheduling appointments, or ensuring that your property is well-looked-after. We specialize in meeting the unique, specific lifestyle needs of our clients in a confidential and discreet manner with the help of reliable professionals.

Dedicated to offering 4-star service and extremely passionate about what we do, we will make it our priority to fulfill your requests by tapping on to our extensive network of trustworthy vendors. If you are planning to relocate to Naples, Florida, or are coming over for a short vacation, get in touch with us for our luxury lifestyle concierge services today.

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Let us manage the mundane and all the details so you can enjoy your life!