Allowing a property management company access to your home is a huge responsibility that requires trustworthy and dependable professionals. If you are concerned about leaving your home for an extended period, Di Mauro Concierge can help.

Our estate and property managers are reliable and experienced. They have complete access to our vast network of vendors and service companies to handle any home related issue that may arise. We handle basic day to day tasks, yard maintenance, housekeeping, seasonal or weather related maintenance, and specialty services.

Property ServicesWhy Choose Us?

Staff Coordination

Coordinating and managing Chef, housekeeping and any other property related staff.

Property Inspections

Home inspections can be scheduled as often as you like whether weekly or biweekly to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Laundry & Supplies

Keeping your pantry stocked, laundry and dry cleaning services, and also making sure your bed sheets are kept fresh and clean.

Vehicle Care

Maintaining and cleaning your cars, bikes or any other vehicles you own to ensure they are well looked after and remain operational.

Storm Preparations

Whether putting up shutters or protecting your furniture you can have the piece of mind that your home and valuables will be safe.

Mail & Payments

We will handle your local bill payments, any mail forwarding duties and deliveries of any kind.

Our Service List is Endless

Contact us to develop a customized program for maintaining your estate today.

The Premier...


We understand that you have a lot of personal and professional commitments to take care of. Amid all this, it can be extremely challenging to take out time from your hectic routine to ensure the smooth running of your estate.

This is where Di Mauro Concierge’s luxury home maintenance concierge service can work wonders for you. We will connect you with premier property management service providers in Naples, Florida, and oversee all repairs and maintenance projects so that you always return to a well-maintained, clean home day in and day out.

You may have concerns about opening up your Naples, FL home to property management service providers for its maintenance and upkeep. That is why we make sure that you are connected with dependable, trustworthy, and verified professionals who have access to a great network of service companies and vendors to deal with each and every home-related issue. Whether it’s accepting mail, cooking meals as per the nutrition requirements of the family, housekeeping, or weather-related home maintenance, we have got you covered.

The Best...


Our 360-degree bespoke estate management services do not just revolve around storm preparation, on-site inspections, hiring butlers, or coordinating with the housekeeping staff. In addition to all this, we also ensure that your home is well-maintained even in your absence.

Whether you need some professional assistance to look after your primary residence, a vacation home, or a property investment, our team ensures your 100% satisfaction by offering tailored, hassle-free, quick solutions. We also provide a wide range of personal lifestyle concierge solutions!

From high-end lifestyle needs to tasks as simple as grocery shopping or laying out fresh bedsheets before you arrive, we are dedicated to making the lives of our clients easier, more comfortable, and stress-free. Peace of mind is what you get when you choose our estate management services in Naples. You can concentrate on things that matter the most to you and leave the rest to us!

Having carved a reputation for ourselves in serving residents and vacationers in the city, you can always trust us to get the job done. To explore our exclusive property management services in Naples, Florida, give us a call at (239) 776-4717 today.



If you live here full time, seasonally, or visit for vacations Di Mauro Concierge ensures your Naples home remains immaculately maintained and luxurious.

Expert Problem Solvers

We excel at identifying and solving home related issues.

Large Network

Take advantage of our vast network of services workers and local vendors.


We create customized and tailored plans for your unique needs.