A resourceful personal concierge expert will add value to your life by keeping you on track, making sure you are on time, and making sure solutions are only a moment away.

If you are planning on moving to Naples Florida we can make that transition as smooth as possible. We’ll organize and pack for you as well as connect you to local clubs, boards and events. We can also refer you to spa’s, salons and fitness centers. Di Mauro Concierge will do anything to make your life simpler from arranging and organizing the mundane day to day essentials to helping you downsize or sell items.

Assistant ServicesWhy Choose Us?
personal concierge assistant in naples florida


Allow us to organize, pack and generally take the hassle out of relocating and moving.


If you’d like to downsize or streamline we can arrange the sale or donation of your items.

Real Estate

Let us help you get your home listed or assist in finding a new one.

Social Connector

Connecting you with the many local activities, clubs and organisations.

Self Care

Referring you to local salons and spas, fitness centers and clothing stores.

Trusting Advisor

We’ll act as your trusting confident and go-between to solve private matters.

Our Service List is Endless

We’ll develop a bespoke program for maintaining your lifestyle and personal matters.

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Di Mauro Concierge offers the best personal assistant services in the city of Naples, Florida. If you haven’t been able to find time to do the things you love during your time here, then a resourceful personal concierge is what you need.

Not only will they remind you of your meetings, appointments, and reservations but they will also make sure that your lifestyle needs are met quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, our personal concierge experts in Naples can also be your trusted, loyal confidantes.

Planning to relocate to Naples, Florida? We will walk the extra mile to ensure that the move is as seamless and smooth as possible. Our personal assistants for private, high net worth individuals are reliable and have comprehensive solutions to deal with the demands of relocation and everyday living in an entirely new city. As well-known relocation assistance service providers in Naples, we will link you with local clubs, boards and will also take care of spa and salon reservations.

As well-known relocation assistance service providers in Naples, we will link you with local clubs, boards and will also take care of spa and salon reservations. In addition to this, you can also leave your property management concerns to us! Planning to sell a few items to make the relocation easier or require assistance to get your home listed? We have got you covered with our luxury personal assistant services. You can relax and enjoy your time here while we take care of your day-to-day lifestyle and property management needs. Get in touch with us to avail of our personal assistant solutions in Naples today.

Di Mauro Concierge also caters to the needs of the senior community looking for luxury concierge services for the management of everyday tasks. Known for our attention-to-detail, our steadfast commitment to ensuring client satisfaction, and our promptness when it comes to offering personal concierge services for seniors, you can rest easy when you choose us!



We understand your time is valuable and will provide you a personalized lifestyle program that will alleviate your responsibilities, freeing up your time for what matters the most. Our personal concierge services will make sure you get what you need when you need it and that your private matters are dealt with discretion and respect.

Expert Facilitators

We find solutions fast to all your needs.

Wide Network

Everyone you need on hand to make it happen.


Your privacy is of the upmost importance to us.